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Matt regularly writes opinion articles to newspapers.

Here are some of his writings.

December 2023

Small business should mean more than getting bills

Small businesses are doing it tough - cafes to tradies, dry cleaners to butchers and grocers. In The Daily Telegraph I outline how government can better help small businesses - from lower workers’ comp premiums to cutting red tape.

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November 2023

Unions have too much power in NSW

In their first six months since taking office in March, the new Labor Government officially met union mates & bosses 353 times." In The Daily Telegraph examine what this means for you.

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September 2022

Better Utilising Schools

Schools are the centre of our local communities. They are so much more than just classrooms and places for learning. They should be places where everyone belongs. In The Daily Telegraph I point out that NSW has a shortfall of green space, sporting and event facilities, and our population is projected to grow by 85,000 people each year. We should open schools to our local communities on weekends, school and public holidays.

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September 2023

No time to cut spend on building

“Building infrastructure must be a priority for all governments." In The Daily Telegraph I reflect on the Liberal & Nationals Government's record on infrastructure investment and I call on the Minns Labor Government to do three things in their budget.

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August 2023

More than 120 years on, a chance to get things right

“Despite Australia being successful on so many fronts, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Australians have not truly shared our nation’s bounty. If anything, they have been left behind. It’s time to ask some serious questions.” In The Daily Telegraph, I share my thoughts on the 2023 referendum.

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July 2023

Seinfeld Government Isn't Delivering Any Gold, Jerry

Chris Rath MLC & I share our perspective of Chris Minns’ first 100 days as Premier in The Daily Telegraph. “We see the new Labor Government as resembling a Seinfeld episode. It’s a government about nothing”.

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May 2023

Let's Not Forget the Forgotten

In my Inaugural Speech to the NSW Parliament, I said "For the Liberal Party to continue to be the party of home ownership, we must also be the party of renters. Renters are today’s forgotten people." In The Daily Telegraph I outline three policies we can implement to help renters become home owners.

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