Petitions help raise awareness of an issue in the community, and lets Members of Parliament, like Matt, know what action the community wants the Parliament and NSW Government to take.

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Matt is currently supporting the following petitions:

Lindfield Parking Petition

We, the undersigned, support the $9.8 million provided by the previous NSW Government for commuter parking in Lindfield, which has been withdrawn by the new NSW Government.

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Safety at Pacific Highway, Clanville & Shirley Roads Roseville

We, the undersigned, call on the NSW Government to make safer the intersection of Pacific Highway, Clanville & Shirley Roads, Roseville, including the installation of a red light camera.

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Improve Pedestrian Safety on Forest Way for our Kids and Community

The catchment area of Wakehurst Public School encompasses the eastern side of Forest Way. Unfortunately, many families who choose to walk to school are faced with a perilous situation, as they have no alternative but to navigate an extremely dangerous stretch of road. By doing so, they are putting their lives at risk. The intersections at Glen St and Wearden Rd are particularly treacherous, notorious for motor vehicle accidents and near misses.

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Save Lizard Rock and Ralston Road in Belrose

Over 220 hectares of bushland on the Northern Beaches is under threat from development. But you can become a Northern Beaches Bushland Guardian to protect precious places like Lizard Rock and Ralston Road from development.

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